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Basic Building Block

Basic Building Block

HTML code is the most essential thing to know when building a website. If you’ve heard of any type of code, it is probably HTML. I am using it right now to type this to you. Anyone can learn, and this code provides the basic building blocks for your new website. It will take some practice, but it is really easy. Making this word bold is as easy as surrounding it with certain tags.

Making It Look Good

Making It Look Good

While HTML can give you the bare building blocks, your site won’t be any fun to look at if the format, layout, color scheme and font are bland and boring. CSS is the code to use once you have mastered HTML. It provides you with the means to alter the appearance of your site. That way, people will actually want to be reading or watching your content.

One More Step

One More Step

Although certainly not the last coding language you should know, PHP is a great one to move to after you feel comfortable using HTML and CSS. It focuses a lot on appearance, like CSS, but it also helps add gadgets like calendars or customer input surveys. It is almost like a combination of HTML and CSS but better: more features, and a system that builds off of what you’ve already learned.